New Client Info

We love new clients! 

We start our process by giving you a financial snapshot, a risk questionnaire, and an organizer to help you gather your information.  Then, we hold an initial meeting where we review your financial situation and discuss what you would like your money to do for you.  Afterwards, we create a personal proposal that lays out specific areas where we would work together and help to make a difference in your financial life.  If we choose to work together, your initial consultation is then considered complimentary and the initial meeting fee is credited back to you in your overall financial planning fee.  Together, these questionnaires and our time together help us draw a more complete financial picture and give us insight into which paths may be best for you.  After that, we perform additional research, ask follow up questions, and thoughtfully build your personalized plan.  Once we confirm that your plan is aligned with your future, we focus on maintaining and monitoring that plan by having periodic check-ins and meetings throughout the year, which are critical to monitoring your progress and working toward your goals. 

We follow a proven Six Step Process, which helps us to create financial advice that is specifically tailored to you.


Transparent Fees

Our minimum fee on investable assets is typically 1.00%, but can range higher (or lower) depending on the complexity of your situation, account size, and services requested.  All fees are clearly explained in all of our proposals and are mutually agreed upon prior to you becoming a client.

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