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20 Dec
Last Minute TAX SAVINGS for this year!


What if I told you that you could donate to an organization, and that donation would stay in North Alabama benefitting
our local students, schools, and communities?

What if I told you the amount of your donation would be refunded to you on your Alabama Income Tax Form for this

What if I told you there is potentially a way for a business to not only claim the tax credit for the donation on the state
tax return but potentially, also claim a federal tax deduction for the same amount?

What if I told you that I am willing to buy your lunch while you learn about this unique opportunity to help the
community with your donation without it costing you any money?

I will be hosting the event, but our guest speaker will be Brian Moody, CPA, MACC with BAMtax,LLC.

This information is not intended to serve as investment advice and as far as any tax consequences to you personally, you should confer with your tax professional.

BAMtax, LLC is not affiliated with or endorsed by Oaktree Financial Services and LPL Financial. Oaktree Financial Services and LPL Financial do not offer tax advice or services.

Date and Time

Tue, Dec 20, 2022

11:30a - 12:30p CST


The Ledges

32 Castle Down Drive
Huntsville , AL 35802
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