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Our Investment Philosophy

At Oak Tree Financial Services, LLC., we are a boutique firm and cater to the needs of our clients. After all, it is your money and one size does not always fit all. As a result, we don't have a single investment philosophy, rather we try to provide prudent financial guidance to help you pursue your personal financial goals.

We believe that process starts when we meet for the very first time to discuss your goals for your money. Then you will fill out a risk profile to help us ascertain what level of risk you are comfortable with. From there we go about recommending an appropriate asset allocation and manager selection to match to your goals. We also believe that "buy and hold" or "buy and hope" as it is sometimes called today has not proven effective over the last 10 years. Therefore, the strategies and managers we recommend will have a tactile approach in that changes to your portfolio are made as conditions warrant. That simply means that rebalancing your holding may be increased or decreased at periods over the investment cycle based on market conditions. The same is done for other asset classes such as fixed income or direct assets. This is not "timing the market", rather changing your allocation amounts over time as conditions warrant.

No investment philosophy or strategy will work all the time and clients can lose principal. However, with the high level of volatility in the markets today making some changes once or twice a year makes a lot of sense. We at all times will try to be tax sensitive to the changes and balance those in the most efficient manner possible.

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