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What's In a Name

When the decision was made to go independent in 2009, one of the first things I had to do was come up with a name that could be used for the practice.  The goal was set in stone: to be an independent, client-centric, financial planning and investment management firm who was only interested in working with long term clients who valued relationships.  I had a goal of building a legacy firm that would live beyond my working career, so my name would not be part of the firm. 

My childhood setting was a rural working farm in north AL.  Neither of my parents had a high school education and because you couldn't really make a living on a small farm, both my parents worked in production plants in Decatur to earn a living while maintaining the working farm.  As a result, I was dropped off at my grandmothers every morning and got off the school bus there also.  She kept me during the summers and I came to love her and respect her ways very much.  She was a god fearing woman who was very humble but independent at the same time. 

Client Centered

The little church we attended had what was called "Decoration Day" on each Mother's Day Sunday.  This was a time when the adjacent grave yard was made to look its' finest and of course many people travel back home for Mother's Day.  The pastor the last year my grandmother was alive asked the congregation who was the youngest mother there in attendance.  After that mother was identified, she was presented a rose.  He then asked "who is the oldest mother in attendance today" and it was my grandmother at 95 and she received a rose.  He asked my grandmother to stand, which she did.  The pastor then said "if you are here today and you are kin to Mrs. Sivley, please stand, and over a third of the congregation stood.  At that point, the pastor said "It goes to show you, the acorns don't fall too far from the Oak Tree that bore them".  So in gratitude and love for my grandmother, the name Oak Tree Financial Services was chosen to represent the independence, integrity, and strength that my grandmother represented her entire lifetime and that we continue to pass on to our clients.

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